We advise you check the instruction manual and troubleshooting section to see if there is any advise or help in there about fixing the issue. We find that most issues can be resolved without needing to return the watch, please contact us if you would like any assistance. It may also be that the watch battery has ran down and needs replacing. If the battery fails within 12 months we advise to contact us or if the watch is solar powered please charge the watch under a strong light source for at least 24 hours with the crown (winder) pulled out two the second position.

If the fault persists, all of our watches come with a warranty and the length of the warranty depends on the brand.

To make a claim under warranty you can make a claim to the watch company directly or alternatively you can send it to us and we will forward it to the relevant service centre on your behalf. The watch will then be inspected by the official service centre and they will normally repair the watch free of charge. If for some reason they are unable to we will contact you.