As of May 2021, the BFPO service now requires full customs declarations for all packages which may result in local customs charges and taxes being levied by the destination country. Furthermore, due to the required technical changes with Royal Mail system, it is not currently possible for us to submit the required information electronically. We have therefore temporarily suspended BFPO shipments for customer orders. Further information from the UK government is available here:

Once this is resolved, we expect we will be able to refund VAT to customers using BFPO to deliver packages to destinations in the EU and worldwide, however local customs authorities may charge VAT, taxes, duties, or clearance fees on arrival. Therefore we would advise checking before ordering with the relevant authority in the destination country.


Yes we are able to supply a refund of VAT for these orders assuming the following conditions are met.

BFPO orders

Please place the order as normal using your BFPO address. If the final destination of BFPO address is outside the UK please contact us and we will provide a reimbursement of the VAT once we have verified this. Due to changes in 2021, stricter customs information is now required for these packages, which may result in local customs authorities charging VAT, taxes, duties, or clearance fees on arrival in the destination country.

For FCO orders, UK VAT Legislation requires us to obtain a certificate of receipt from the FCO confirming that the items have been dispatched to and received by a member of the FCO. This must be sent to us by the FCO within 3 months of the order being placed.