Yes we are able to supply a refund of VAT for these orders assuming the following conditions are met.

BFPO orders delivered outside the EU

Please place the order as normal using your BFPO address. If the final destination of BFPO address is outside the EU please contact us and we will provide a reimbursement of the VAT once we have verified this.

BFPO orders delivered inside the EU

In order to qualify the order must be sent to a qualifying body or person as set out in paragraph 14.4 of HM Revenue and Customs Notice 725 dated January 2014. You must then supply a certificate of entitlement for us to process the refund (the order receipt will normally suffice with the below requirement).

You must obtain and keep documentation uniquely identifying the supply and claiming entitlement under Article 15(10) of EC Council Directive 77/388/EEC. This must be either:

  • a certificate bearing the original signature of the head or acting head of the embassy, high commission, consulate, visiting force contingent or international organisation, with evidence of the qualifying status of the signatory, or
  • any other form of certificate specified by their host government

Exceptionally in the case of a supply for the British force in Cyprus or its members, or for a visiting force in Germany or its members, you must obtain and keep a certificate from the person placing the order uniquely identifying the supply for which relief is claimed, and claiming entitlement as follows:

  • for British forces in Cyprus - under Article 14(1)(g) of EC Council Directive 77/388/EEC, or
  • for a visiting force in Germany - under Article 15(10) of EC Council Directive 77/388/EEC

For FCO orders, UK VAT Legislation requires us to obtain a certificate of receipt from the FCO confirming that the items have been dispatched to and received by a member of the FCO. This must be sent to us by the FCO within 3 months of the order being placed.